Environmental Management System


The road our company has taken is that of managing our nursery with marked attention to the environment, reconciling economic sustainability with environmental factors, facilitating environmentally friendly development.
Our primary objective is thus to grow beautiful, strong plants with respect to the environment, the community and all interested parties.
From a perspective of sustainable development and increasing attention to the environment, we felt it was an opportune time to introduce and apply an Environmental Management System adhering to the requirements described in the ISO 14001 standard. This allows us to maintain control over our environmental aspects and to propose objectives for their improvement, such as:
• Pesticides - Fertilizers - Water - Energy - Waste
We decided to consult a Swiss certification body, universally recognized and at the forefront of environmental topics, with more than half of all Swiss businesses certified.
SQS – Quality that really counts  - seeks sustainable development and is committed to considering economic, ecological and social aspects through a balanced approach.


  • Increase the recovery of wastewater irrigation;
  • Constant monitoring of resources used in various production processes;
  • Personal encouragement of employees, partners, clients and suppliers to have more sensitivity towards environmental issues;
  • Constant efforts to reduce the quantity of chemical products used;
  • Reduction of synthetic chemical fertilizers used for the plants in open fields in favour of organic fertilizers.
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